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Trent Dudley

Operations Manager

A true outlier in business, performance and customer service — Trent Dudley’s rise in the real estate industry is nothing short of incredible. Beginning humbly in sales support and progressing in just four short years to sales associate then executive and team coordinator to sales manager and now the senior position of Operations Manager is a feat rarely seen.

Previously entrusted with overseeing the development and skills training of over forty agents across Ray White businesses, and now guiding the Ray White Prospsect business in his leadership role, Trent is able to impart invaluable knowledge, experience and perspective to budding sales agents and associates, and watch them thrive in their careers.

“In this new role, I have the opportunity to help establish an agent, build resilience and empower both their confidence and identity,” he says. “I’m in a fortunate position to engage and connect with our agents from the start, allowing me to fast-track their learning and skill acquisition so they can hit the ground running.”

This weight of responsibility is a welcome familiarity to Trent who at the age of 20 managed a sales team across two stores in the high-end bespoke world of men’s suits. This natural leadership comes from an inherent calling to work with and improve the people around him.

New and existing agents alike benefit immensely from Trent’s ongoing mentoring that fine-tunes a wonderful level of customer service that deftly gleams over a deep understanding of how to connect with clients, appreciate their needs and provide immediate solutions and strategies.

This industry expertise combined with a charming congeniality and energising attitude creates a truly remarkable and rewarding experience working under Trent. A great listener, articulate speaker and persistent coach determined to raise the skill and standard of agents paves the way for a bright future, both for Trent and Ray White.

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